Have you ever met someone in a relationship with someone with HIV? Have you ever talked to someone about the virus? Let's talk. In a series of YouTube videos, I'm doing virtual book readings, where I'll introduce you to the main characters in Positively Negative, talk about the new science of HIV and generally share about the process of writing the book and how I became interested. 

First up: Poppy and Ted Morgan

Did you know that about half of the people using the once-daily HIV prevention drug Truvada are women? It's true. And Poppy, who took Truvada in 2010 through 2012, is one of the early pioneers of this approach in the U.S. She did it before the Food and Drug Administration approved Truvada for this purpose (it had previously and is still now used for treatment of people with HIV), and as you'll hear in the reading, had trouble getting the drug, even though the process has been used for years in Europe.

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Poppy and Ted: Virtual Book Reading No. 1