Celebrate Love on this World AIDS Day, with Discounts and Promotions

World AIDS Day: Typically this is a somber occassion--as it should be. Millions of people have died of AIDS, the end result of uncontrolled HIV in the system.

But this year, there's reason to hope. About a quarter of those with HIV have completely suppressed viral loads. That is, if you look at their blood under a microscope, you won't find any HIV. Nada. Zip. At least with the technology we have. That's why stories like Positively Negative exist. The science that got us here is not just a miracle--it's the result of the painstaking, thoughtful, determined work of researchers around the globe, and the women and men--trans and nontrans--who have been willing to put themselves on the line to see if new treatments work.

They do. And they are the reason babies like Pom-Pom and Ryan, the two little girls in Positively Negative exist. 

So on this World AIDS Day, lets not be sad. Let's celebrate the scientific will and the determination of researchers and couples who took the risks, were the pioneers and discovered for all of us that HIV can be tamed. 

And to help us celebrate this year, I'm offering some discounts on the book. At Amazon, you can get Positively Negative at the discounted price of $1.29 (normally $1.99). And if you buy directly from me here on the Positively Negative website, you get it for even less--just 99 cents, for today only. 

Today is World AIDS Day, and it's time we start celebrating. Share Positively negative with those you love. Celebrate love. Because #HIVLoveWins

Virtual Book Readings--Find them on YouTube

One of the great gifts of writing an ebook is that, once it's published, it's available immediately all around the world. One of the unfortunate things about ebooks is that I can't reach all of you and I can't do book readings in all of your home towns. 

It turns out, though, that where the internet takes away, it gives, too. So I've decided to take the Internet up on its offer of instant, worldwide access, and am posting to my YouTube channel a series of book readings. I posted the first this weekend. 

I hope you enjoy!