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Positively Negative reads like a thriller, love story and medical mystery all in one—no small feat for a significant scientific work. Heather Boerner tackles the controversial issue of unprotected sex, pregnancy and HIV with intelligence, compassion and lucidly interpreted science. At last, a book on HIV that’s so enthralling, you won’t be able to put it down until the final word.
— Jennifer Steil, author of The Woman Who Fell From the Sky and the upcoming The Ambassador's Wife

Many rivers have been crossed since Randy Shilts threw down the gauntlet on HIV reporting with And The Band Played On. Positively Negative picks up that gauntlet and runs. Meticulously reported, resonant with hope, one of many reminders we need that the story of HIV in this country is not over and the disease has not had the last word. Thank you, Heather Boerner, for helping us to believe.
— Kevin Smokler, author of Practical Classics: 50 Reasons to Reread 50 Books You Haven't Touched Since High School

Positively Negative reads almost like a science mystery. Heather Boerner takes a deep dive into a complicated topic, writing the science not only crisply and clearly, but compellingly. Boerner tells the story of two couples, each with an HIV-positive partner, who love one another so deeply that they are willing to take what, at first, seems like a risk to have a healthy baby of their own making. Positively Negative is a story of triumph, against the backdrop of medical advancement over more than a decade that will touch readers and leave them thinking long after putting it down.
— Pulitzer Prize winner Wendy Ruderman, author of Busted: A Tale of Corruption and Betrayal in the City of Brotherly Love

As America still works to fully understand the impacts of HIV/AIDS, Heather Boerner takes us into the virtually unexplored world of conception and birth almost in spite of the epidemic. As a person who has written about HIV/AIDS for over 20 years, including its impacts on women and children, Positively Negative is a fresh, important take on what it means to beat the odds and conceive a healthy baby when one or both of the parents are living with the disease. It offers solid reporting and the science to back it up. It is an exciting piece of the story of AIDS in America.
— Andrea King Collier, author of The Black Woman's Guide to Black Men's Health